What is Barley Grass?

Barley Grass, technically known as Hordeum murinum or Critesion leporinum, becomes a danger to animals when the seed head form in summer. If not targeted correctly, Barley Grass can quickly get out of control. 

Barley grass responds well to moisture, so look out if you have a wet season – be prepared and have an implement that will allow you to target this nasty weed effectively as soon as its starts running rampant. 

If unsure of the best approach for your property – contact Redback Agriculture directly – https://www.redbackagri.com/contact/ 

Will Barley Grass harm my horse or dog?

Yes – Barley Grass can lead to serious implications for stock – well known to be particularly harmful for horses and dogs who come in contact with this weed, getting stuck in nostrils, ears and even the skin of your animal.  

If your horse happens to eat barley grass when the seed head has formed, this can also get stuck in the horses tongue.  Sheep however will generally avoid Barley Grass, leaving it standing above the pasture and making it very accessible for targeting with a Weedwiper.

How to get rid of Barley Grass in pasture

Difficult to control with broad leaf chemicals – barley grass control generally resorts to a ‘non selective’ approach.   Save your pasture with a targeted approach to Barley Grass control.  By using a Weedwiper you are also embracing an environmentally responsible approach to weed control in pastures.  The Redback Weedwiper is renowned for its high weed kill rate on barley grass and many other weed types that are otherwise difficult to control. 

Barley Grass Herbicides 

Interestingly,  in a worst case scenario of the Barley Grass weed building up chemical resistance, a targeted approach will still kill off this weed due to the higher concentration rates used.  With a targeted approach to Barley grass, the amount of chemical required drops significantly.  Redback customers are successfully targeting Barley grass with glysophate based chemicals and similar non selective herbicides.   

We do not recommend any particular chemicals, however we recommend trialing this for your self with a paint brush to wipe on some concentrate herbicide of choice.  When you prove what chemical works for you, then the only things in question is efficient application and how best to manage your rotational grazing to suit your Weed control program.

For further advise on this matter contact us today and your country/ area manager will assist. 

Learn more about farmers and property owners who are successfully getting on top of their Barley Grass problem efficiently with the Redback Weedwiper.

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