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REDBACK Weedwiper


  • 3 common sizes with folding wings to navigate gateways/ races and for compact shed storage
  • Robust frame and wheel configuration
  • Durable long lasting carpet wicks
  • Hitch and go – standard tow ball coupling with anti-theft feature
  • Designed specially to work behind a range of Vehicles. Well suited to ATV's, Utility Vehicles, Ute/ 4WD and tractors.
  • Wheels on pivoting wings
  • 24 month warranty

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Info & Specs

REDBACK Weedwiper

Commonly known in the early years as ‘wick wiper’, this weed wiping machine enables efficient weed control in pasture and cropping applications.

No weeds stay standing for long after meeting the robust Redback Weedwiper!

By selectively wiping just the weeds – You save chemical, save money & save your pastures.

  • Unique wick soaking system makes it easy to keep the wicks wet without dripping damage to your pasture. 
  • Two rows of thick durable wicks make it easy to apply weed killer chemical to weeds
  • Hand winder on drawbar makes for quick & easy finer height adjustment
  • Bruise bar on front of wiper, damages weed to give better chemical penetration
  • Strong hop-dipped galvanized RHS steel construction is very robust.
  • Wing extensions on the 4.8m & 6.2m model’s are easy to fold up for storage and driving through gateways.

Very easy to use:

Simply mix your weed killer, pump mix into wicks until soaking wet, set the wicks at the desired height and hit those weeds.

Tow behind any vehicle including; ATV/ SSUV/quad, ute or tractor or request an optional three point linkage or front end loader mounted Redback Weedwiper.

Commonly stocked is our trailing units at 2.4m (8′), 4.8m (16′) and 6.2m (20′) wide.   

high quality tank with pump and wiring loom available and recommended.

Customer feedback (below) tells us that the weed kill rate is consistently between 80-100% with the Redback Weedwiper.

In stock/  available in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA and available worldwide from our distribution hubs.  

Click here to start a conversation with a product specialist for your region. 

Product Code: RM.WW

This product cannot be purchased online please enquire for more info

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“The Redback follows the contours with the wheels which is fabulous… No more chemical spill due to breakages. The double wipe allows a much better kill rate and the bruise bar helps the penetration. So the Redback has a far higher kill rate. On our paddocks it has been as high a 95% and the least has been 80%. I would recommend the Redback Weedwiper” 

Lynn - QLD, Australia

I have been consistantaly achiving a 95% kill rate. I absolutly love it!

Bill - VIC, Australia

We are very pleased with the weedwiper.  It took me about 3-4 tankloads to work out how often and for how long I need to pump the herbicide onto the rollers then I was cool and groovy!!  Have had an 85-90% kill rate with the wiping of our tussocks so far and we’re happy with that… Considering purchasing the wings next year. 

Sarah - NSW, Australia

It is working very well thank you… even though it was late in the season, i had great success with my cape tulip

Rick - WA, Australia

Good design and very well built… love it how it is nice and heavy.

Steve - NSW, Australia

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