Best time to plant pastures?

Important to pasture seed germination is not allowing the summer dry to damage the seed.  By sowing your grass seed in Autumn or Spring, with the help of regular watering, gives your pasture seed the ability to strike/ germinate  A Chain Harrow can be critical to successful germination to rough surface and also to cover the seed.  Harrows with teeth or tines which may be adjusted to tear up the ground more aggressively which may be useful if you are planning on overseeding any pastures.  

How to over sow grass seed?

Over sowing or ‘stitching’ in new pastures is becoming increasing common with farmers and small block owners due to the cost benefits and to achieve more even germination than the likes of drill sowing or direct drilling.

Do a good job in the limited time you have, by using the REDBACK Triangle & Chain Harrows. (Tractor or ATV Harrow versions available)
These Chain Harrows will provide the tilth, leveling & finishing action, all in one go.

1) Use the maximum aggression of the spikes to scratch up the soil surface – allowing the seed to penetrate the surface. 
2) Broadcast the seed on with a spinner/ fert spreader or by hand.
3) Do another pass with the harrows to incorporate/ cover over the seed.

Watch the video and see more information here.