What is Kochia?

Kochia scoparia commonly known as Kochia, fireweed and burning bush is a type of  tumble weed that is a vigorously growing and widely considered a noxious plant in many parts of the USA and Canada

One plant alone can produce 15,000 seeds. 

 In Autumn the plants break off and often form tumble weeds spreading the seeds far and wide. So early control is important to avoid large infestation. 

If not targeted correctly, Kochia can quickly get out of control. 

Kochia is drought tolerant and responds well to moisture, so if have a wet season – be prepared and have an implement that will allow you to target this weed efficiently as soon as you see the fast growing Kochia seedlings 

If unsure of the best approach for your farm – contact Redback Agriculture for free advice – https://www.redbackagri.com/contact/ 

Can Kochia be harmful to livestock?

Yes – Kochia can lead to  implications for cattle and other animals – this is normally due to the high nitrate levels in this weed making it toxic to your animals if consumed.. 

Grazing animals, however will generally avoid Kochia,  leaving it standing above the pasture and making it very accessible for targeting with a Weedwiper.

How to get rid of Kochia in my pastures

Effective broad leaf chemicals with Kochia generally mean damage to pasture and sometimes killing out native pasture species – therefore  Kochia control normally resorts to a more targeted and ‘non selective’ approach.   

Save your pasture with a targeted approach to Kochia control, with the likes of a Weedwiper,  you are mitigating the spray drift, and chemical exposure to yourself, your pastures and nearby trees. 

 The Redback Weedwiper is renowned for its high weed kill rate on Kochia and many other weed types that are otherwise difficult to control. 

Kochia Herbicides 

Interestingly,  in a worst case scenario of Kochia of fire weed building up chemical resistance – a targeted approach in most cases will not give the Kochia plant a chance to survive,  largely thanks to the higher concentration rates used but also thanks to the Redback applicator design – which has a bruise bar to damage the stem before applying chemical, greatly improving the chemical penetration and therefore giving a high weed kill rate. 

With a targeted approach to killing Kochia, the amount of chemical required drops significantly.  Redback customers are successfully targeting these weed with glysophate , 24-D, Weedmaster  and similar herbicides.   

Redback Agriculture does not recommend any particular chemicals, however we recommend trialing with a paint brush to wipe on some concentrate herbicide of choice.  When you prove what chemical works for you, then the only things in question is, efficient application and how best to manage your rotational grazing to suit your Weed control program.

For further advise on this matter contact us today and your area manager will assist. 

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