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REDBACK Eco Weedwiper


  • Well suited to Ride-ons and Quad bikes
  • Durable long lasting carpet wicks - saves your money
  • Easy to use and economical with chemical
  • 12 month warranty

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Info & Specs

The Eco Weedwiper

The Eco wiper is a great option for those small lots where investment in a premium Redback Weedwiper seems extravagant. 

Weeds are easily targeted by simply wiping with the easy to use Eco wiper!

By targeting the weeds above your recently grazed pastures – You save on chemical and you save your valuable pasture!

  • Unique wick soaking system makes it easy to keep the wicks wet without dripping damage to your pasture. 
  • One row of thick durable wicks make it easy to apply weed killer chemical to weeds and mitigates chemical wastage (two rows of wicks optional) 
  • Tilt adjust is standard, allowing you to use behind the Ride-on, Quad or even the Car/ Ute.
  • Bruise bar damages weed for excellent chemical penetration
  • Sturdy hot-dipped galvanized box section steel construction is second only to the Redback Weedwiper

Very easy to use:

Tip in chemical and water into your tank, pump mix into wicks until nice and damp, set the wicks at the desired height and go. 

Tow behind any vehicle with optional tow ball coupling.  But common behind Ride-on’s with simple pin hole towing point. 

Tank with pump and wiring loom as pictured is economical but this tank has no warranty – ideal situation is to use your own spot spray set up for this wiper.

However, we can quote on some tank options if you send an enquiry to us. (click the green button) 

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to secure stock – the representative for your area will respond promptly. 

This Weedwiper is not rotating but rigid and is often the key eliminator of weeds that have chemical resistance and plants that are not grazed by animals.  Such as Rats tail grass, Thistles, juvenile gorse, unwanted grasses, Fireweed, African love grass –  contact us to learn more about controlling your particular weed type.  

From USD $2860 (Excl GST)

From USD $2860 (Incl GST)

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