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Redback Dealers

We are actively supplying farmers & ranchers in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa & New Zealand & more though our strategic distribution network.

We are the manufacturer’s and we are set up to service you and your needs, better than you have ever been serviced before! With a team of specialists and area managers, the Redback Agri Team works on the principle of doing what is best for the end user and are always available to give specialist advice about the Chain Harrows & Weedwipers and in a broader sense, pasture improvement and weed control. 

Sometimes doing our best for our customers involves supplying through re-sellers, other time’s we supply direct from our nearest warehouse to save $$$. 

In some locations, we have exclusive dealers so we will not be able to supply you direct. If unsure, contact us (new tab) and we will make sure you are looked after. 

If you contact us – we can give you specialist service.  When it comes to supplying your order we can put it through a dealer near you. 



Looking for quality Harrows? Rollers? Discs? Levellers? Cultivators? We have a wide range of products to suit all jobs and all farms. 


Want a fast turnaround? No problem. With most popular products held in stock, we can often dispatch on the day you order. We have a network of stocking dealers and we can work with a dealer you suggest – contact us now and we will make it happen! 

Well made and did a great job! Highly recommend

Claire, Rangiora

Just been using them today, very rapt with the result, use them to follow after cows, we had a bad spring and cows messed up the paddock a bit & harrows are all it needs to tidy it up very rapt with them. Came 2 days after I ordered them very pleased.

NZ Customer