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REDBACK Heavy Flat Roller


  • Water Fillable
  • 12mm high tensile plate
  • 75mm dust-proof greasable bearings
  • Removable drawbar
  • Stand included
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Made in New Zealand

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Info & Specs

Fill with water and go!  Built for farmers with pugged paddocks and/or stones, ideally used when the ground is soft and pliable. 

Heavy water filled paddock roller ideal for pugging problems – ideal for levelling and compacting pastures and yards

Spiral welded drum for extra strength. 

Click here to view smaller ATV roller,  equivalent of the above.


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REDBACK is a brand farmers trust. All our products are made with high quality material in New Zealand, built to suit the often harsh New Zealand and Australian farming conditions.


We know no job is the same. If you have a specific need, our expert team are here to help to ensure we find the right solution for you.

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